1. That the booking of all apartments shall be provisional until full and final payment along with additional charges levies, fees has been paid to the Developer and final Sale Agreement. Terms and conditions for maintenance signed by the applicant(s) and final possession letter issued by the Developer.

  2. That the supply and provision of electricity, water, gas, and other services will be subject to fulfillment of all obligations by the applicant(s) mentioned herein including payment or utility charges demanded by the Developer If conditions warrant for the provision of the same.

  3. That the applicant(s) shall pay all installments towards the price of the apartment against his/her (provisionally) booked apartment strictly by payment schedule/plan without any delay or default whatsoever. All payments must be made in favor of Le Nest vide pay order/bank draft/cheque.

  4. That if the applicant(s) fails to make payment of installments by the Payment Schedule, a late payment charge shall be levied at the rate of 5% per month against each outstanding amount. Without prejudice, the Developer has the right to cancel the allocation/allotment/booking in case of two consecutive defaults or default of two successive installments. It is further agreed and undertaken by the applicant(s) that he/she shall not at all object to such cancellation, resulting due to default in payment of installments as per schedule, and its consequences or financial repercussion and shall not insist or claim levy of the penalty instead of cancellation of his/her apartment as it shall be the absolute and exclusive right of the developer to determine the same. In case of cancellation of his/her apartment, all rights of the applicant(s) shall be ceased, therefore, the Developer shall have a right to deal with the apartment as it deems fit. In such event, the amount already paid by the applicant(s) shall be refunded after completion of the project subject to a deduction of 30% of the unit price as compensation and against the liquidated damages. It is hereby agreed and undertaken by the purchase that the mentioned rate and value or compensation liquidated damages is just, fair, and appropriate with which he/she has no objection whatsoever. If the amount paid is less than 20% of the unit price then the paid amount shall be forfeited and the remaining shall be recovered through due course of law.

  5. That the applicant(s) shall also be liable to pay taxes, fees, levies, charges, and cesses imposed by any Federal/Provincial Government and local Agency or Department as the case may be from time to time.

  6. That the applicant(s) shall pay service charges (provisional or final) as demanded in advance for maintenance of the Project, use of commonhold property and common use facilities provided by the Developer or other entity authorized for this purpose. The terms and conditions in this regard shall be supplied to the applicant(s) at the time of delivery of possession of the apartment.

  7. That the Developer reserves the right to amend, change or renumber the apartment or transfer the rights of the applicant(s) from one apartment to another or from one project to another certainly of similar category given market condition and the applicant(s) shall have no objection in this regard.

  8. That in case of a joint ownership/allocation, the applicant(s) shall be liable jointly and separately to fulfill and discharge all obligations applicable on the subject apartment and breach of any condition by any one of them, the Developer shall be at liberty to recourse and redress against any one or all the applicant(s) as he deems fit and proper.

  9. That if an event of Force Majeure or erratic market condition occurs in the opinion of the Developer, it shall have the liberty to extend the completion date and give the applicant a revised completion date as the completion date as given, declared, proclaimed or announced means and includes the date given or any extended date due to any event beyond the control of the developer. The applicant(s) payments shall stand suspended until the event of Force Majeure has been remedied after which the payment obligation shall stand valid.

  10. That the possession of the apartment shall remain with the Developer until full and final payment made by the applicant(s) towards the Sale Price of the apartment together with all service and utility charges, additional charges, lees, expenses, and levies etc. In connection with the utilities and all documentation in terms hereof.

  11. That the applicant(s) shall take over physical possession of the apartment within 30 (Thirty) days from the issuance of intimation letter of possession by the Developer subject to clearance of all outstanding dues/charges, execution of final sale agreement and acceptance of terms and conditions of maintenance agreement by the applicant(s). In case of delay in taking over possession by the applicant(s), the Developer shall charge an additional fee for taking care of the applicant(s) apartment. However. the Developer shall not be liable for any loss or damages to the unit and /or fixtures, fittings therein, due to theft, malicious tactics, natural/climatic occurrences, antisocial activities, riots, and forced/ Illegal occupancy. All such losses or damages shall be made good by the applicant(s) without any recourse about claims to the Developer.

  12. That the construction of the Project will be done according to the plans/specifications. However, the Developer has a right to make unavoidable/ necessary changes in design, specification, and/or layout of the Apartment/Nest/Project if required, to keep the price index reasonable.

  13. That the covered area of the apartment shall include walls, terraces & parking.

  14. In case the area of the apartment is more than the approximate size mentioned in the Application Form/ booking form, the applicant(s) shall pay the price for excess covered area as per the agreed per sq. ft. rate on demand made by the Developer.

  15. That the use of exterior walls, front and common area of the Project is solely reserved with the Developer.

  16. The applicant(s) shall use the apartment for designated (personal/residential) purposes only and shall not misuse the unit or amenities/facilities provided by the Developer at the project. Nor shall he/she encroach upon any area in the project.

  17. That the applicant(s) shall not carry out any additions or alterations involving the structure of the Apartment/Nest. Nor shall he/she have a right to change the elevation of the Building or any part thereof under any circumstances.

  18. That the applicant(s) declares that all the information given by him/her in the Application Form is true and correct and in case any of particulars/information is found incorrect, the Developer shall have a right to cancel the allocation by giving 15 days notice in writing.
  19. The Intimation/Allocation is non-transferable for 6 Months. Transfers to legal and natural heirs maybe (in case of death) are accepted by the management of Le Nest according to company policy. Such transfer shall be subject to payment or transfer fee to Le Nest.

  20. Apartment allotted to an applicant shall not be used for any purpose other than applied or meant for (Residential).

  21. The applicant(s) shall not use the property for commercial/rental revenue generation purposes. However, a developer has given an option to the applicant to enlist the purchased apartment with the developer’s management company for serviced and managed holiday rentals.

  22. That the applicant(s) confirms that he/she has fully read and understood the above-mentioned terms and conditions and hereby agrees to abide by the same strictly.

  23. The applicant(s) shall comply with and abide by all the rules, regulations, bye-law, and such other orders instructions as applicable in specified areas or Developer.

  24. The applicant(s) agrees:
    a) That he/she shall permit the representative(s) of the Developer to enter into the unit for ascertaining and observance of the state thereof or for testing, laying of service mains, pipes, drains and other items, etc. and the Applicant(s) shall take all precautions against the tempering/fouling of all such items.
    b) That he/she shall in any case not carry out any extra work at the Apartment (inside/Outside) under any circumstances unless written approval of the Developer is granted for any such work including paint etc.
    c) That he/she shall not misuse the amenities facilities provided by the Builder at the Project nor will he/she encroach upon any area in the project.

  25. The Developer shall have the first lien, claim and charge on the right of the applicant(s) over the Apartment, Its fixture, fitting, and facilities herein, in respect of any amount liable to be paid by the applicant(s) to the Developer including the service charges payable to the maintenance company under clause 5.

  26. The applicant(s) shall not cause or allow to be caused any nuisance to his/her neighbors, or other tenants in the Building and the premises in the Project nor shall he/she cause or allow to be caused any littering of rubbish in the common areas of the Building or the Project and the applicant(s) will ensure that the Unit. The common area of the Building and the Project are kept clean.

  27. The Developer will make every effort to obtain all utilities I.e. electricity, water, gas, and telephone connections /meters in respect thereof in the name of applicant(s)/ project at the earliest, provided the applicant(s) had fulfilled all of his/her obligations hereunder, however, the developer accepts no responsibility if the connection and/or supply of any of the above-mentioned services is delayed.

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